Easter Baskets

This afternoon we spent some time with our buddies making Easter baskets, and then Miss M filled ours up with chocolate – which most of us scoffed down before the bell had a chance to ring!

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Today we visited the kitchen for the first time this year. We made damper and smothered it with butter and strawberry jam when it came out of the oven. It was delicious! Check out the pictures below – do you think we had fun?


IMG_5330 IMG_5327 IMG_5325 IMG_5324 IMG_5323 IMG_5319 IMG_5317 IMG_5313 IMG_5311

3AM 2016

Welcome to the second incarnation of 3AM!
Our class is so amazing! We are a group of enthusiastic learners who are super friendly. I know you can’t wait to meet us (group photo to follow) and we can’t wait to share our classroom adventures with you.



Today was our last day of classes for the year. What a bittersweet day it was! Miss M was so spoiled with kind words and thoughtful gifts, and she may have cried just a little bit (lots!). I’m so sad that our little family, the very first 3AM, is no longer together but I’m also so excited to be able to watch you continue to grow and develop with your new teachers in Grade 4, and throughout the rest of primary school. I’ll miss seeing your smiling faces every day, especially our class members that are off on new adventures at new schools.

Merry Christmas and a happy and safe summer holiday.
See you all next year!

Miss M 🙂

Cheer legends!

On the weekend, Tianna and Lara competed in Nationals for Cheerleading. They came 2nd out of 7 teams! We are so so proud of them! Congratulations on an outstanding effort, girls!!



Dance Production

Yesterday was our full dress rehearsal of Ozalands Down Under dance production. After practising extremely hard for a number of weeks, the 3AM and 3MB dancers really shone. Well done on an amazing performance! Mrs McCaughan, Mrs Bourke and I are so proud!



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