Aths Day

On Wednesday July 22nd 3AM participated in the annual Oatlands Athletics trials. We had such a fun and exciting day and won lots of ribbons. We would like to say thank you to Mrs Gamble for organizing the day and to Mr Rolfe and Mrs Biemans for looking after us and taking us around to our events. 

Here is a tiny selection of happy ribbon winners. 



Interviews with a Worm

This week 3AM read books about earthworms, glowworms and building worm farms in their reading rotations. During the week we wrote down interview questions and summarised the information we read to answer them. We worked in our reading groups to answer the questions and then in partners we filmed the interviews on Puppet Pals.
Have a look at some of our outstanding work!

Ayaan and Jai
Danny Manaree Tianna
Kylie Joshua
Ajit Ammaar
Brock and Neomi
Aliyah Edward Samuel



Athletics Trials

Tomorrow the Athletics Trials are on for Grades 3-6 at Casey Fields. We are so excited to be participating in our first ever Aths Day!

Just a few reminders for tomorrow:

Students must arrive at school by 8:45am as the busses are leaving at 9am sharp.
As this is a House event, students are to wear their house colours.
Everyone is expected to dress warmly, jumpers are a must!
Ensure that students bring enough food and drink to last them the day, and lastly,
be ready to have lots of fun!

Savoury Muffins

This week we were in the kitchen again and made some savoury muffins. The most interesting part was when Vicki taught us the best way to cut an onion so that it doesn’t make us cry. Most of our muffins had onion and bacon in them and the others were carrot flavoured. We always enjoy our time in the kitchen at school. It’s loads of fun learning new things about cooking.


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