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3AM in the Kitchen

3AM had their first kitchen experience for 2015 this week. We made some delicious damper and enjoyed getting our hands dirty!

Here, the groups are getting started rubbing butter into flour to begin the dough.

Edward, Samuel, Neomi & JacinthaAyaan, Ajit, AliyahJosh, Lara, Dalsten & EllaChase, Brock, Guru & BaileyJoshua, Manaree, Kylie & JaiTianna, Holly, Danny & Braiden

Watching the professional demonstrate how to knead our dough (fold, push, slide! 5 times only!)

Vicki demonstrating



Kneading was lots of fun!
Ajit kneading

Braiden & Danny kneadingGroup kneading 2Group kneading


Somehow someone snuck into the kitchen and struck Jai and Bailey..
Can you guess who it was?

JaiBailey flour

The Flour Monster!

While our delicious damper was cooking, we cleaned down our benches.

Josh cleaning


Unfortunately, our damper was just SO tasty that we forgot all about taking photos of it. We all agreed that it was delicious and many of us can’t wait to have a go at making some at home!

We’re really looking forward to our next cooking adventure.